20 Beard Facts You Can’t Unknow

20 Beard Facts You Can’t Unknow




If you’re looking for any reason to start your beard journey, I’m sure after you read this blog you will be convinced to start! Beards are currently a massive trend but do you know the real benefits of beards besides them being aesthetically pleasing? Do you know what the benefits of growing a beard are?

Well keep reading and you will be mind blown with all these crazy beard facts!


1. Beard subscriptions were a thing of the past!!!

Doctors used to believe that prescribing men with beards could help prevent bacteria and virus entering the body so it was highly recommended that men should grow beards 


2. Beards were for the superior only  

Alexander the Great commanded all his inferiors to shave their beards. It was believed that for his soldiers battling on the fields, having a beard would make it easier for the opponents to attack them by pulling their beards.  

Similarly many leaders also commanded that their inferiors were not allowed to have beards or facial hair as having beards were seen as more intimidating and masculine and belonged to figures of authority.  


3. According to historical cultural  beliefs men with beards are seen to have a higher social status  

A study conducted by Dixson and Vasey in 2012 says that women find men with beards to be of higher social status. So, you can ditch that expensive smartphone and focus on saving for your shaving expenses.


4. Beards actually serve as a protection 

Sean Conway, the first man to swim the length of Great Britain in 2013, hated how jellyfish would always sting his face during his long distance swims, so he stopped shaving. Once he stopped shaving he realised that his beard managed to protect his face from the jellyfish stings. Not to mention  beards protect you from UV rays and act as an SPF protection like sunscreen. It has been found that beards can offer up to 95% protection on the areas which they cover. 

5. The reason behind President Lincoln’s beard

An 11 year old wrote a letter to President Lincoln suggesting he should grow a beard and he thought it was great advice, he grew one and never looked back!

6. Beards can prevent razor bacteria 

If razors are not sanitised it can easily harbour bacteria and spread this bacteria on your face. When you have a beard you won’t constantly have to shave so closely to your skin. 


7. shaving takes 145 days

Majority of men spend 800 hours on facial care and 1000 hours on shaving in their lifetime 

That’s why you use KingPin Beard Co. beard filler kits to save time 

8. Are beards an allergy cure 

Many men who suffer from allergies have found their symptoms lessened once they grew out a beard. The particles that float throughout the air and cause allergy symptoms get caught up in moustaches and beards and therefore don’t enter into the body through the nose or mouth. 


9. Summer is the best time to grow your beard  

Luckily in Australia it is summer now and there is scientific evidence that summer is the best time to grow a beard. Thanks to a testosterone peak for men during summer and an increased exposure to vitamin D. 


10. Protein gives your beard gainz as well 

Protein doesn’t only help with muscle gains  but also helps with beard gains. Keratin is  a particular type of protein which acts as the central building block of hair growth that relies on the foods we consume. The more keratin the more hair you will grow.  

11. Women actually prefer facial hair  

It has been found that most women (around 75% of women)  prefer some form of facial hair over clean shaven men. 



12. Beards make you look more intimidating and aggressive 

Walking around sporting a beard means the human brain naturally perceives you are more aggressive than your clean-shaven counterparts. Beards symbolise highly active testosterone levels, linked to the perception of increased aggressive behaviour. The next time you want to appear more intimidating, grow a beard. 

If you want to instantly achieve this look, King Pin Beard Co. has you covered. 


13. Sleep improves beard growth 

Just like any body part, hair requires sleep to help repair and restore. Which is why it is important you get your 8 hours! 


14. You can save your money on skincare when you have a beard 

Not only do beards protect your face from the drying impacts of wind they also protect your sebaceous glands which are responsible for producing oil for your skin, beards lock all the moisture in! 

15. If you want to look wise grow a beard  

In Ancient India men would grow long thick beards as they believed that these beards were a sign of wisdom and that they deserve to be respected.


16. Beards keep you warm 

Try going out in the cold with a beard and without. You will realise that when you have a beard your face feels warmer and that’s because your beard acts as a protection from the cold.


17. Admiration from the bro’s 

After you grow a beard you will realise men will admire your beard more than women. 

18. The best way to turn on that special someone? 

Beards serve as an aphrodisiac for women. Ditch the designer shirts and get yourself some beard filler asap. 


19. Grow your beard, grow your presence 

In Turkey they believe that moustaches or facial hair is a direct indication of manliness, and so do many other societies around the world. This is the reason for the growing number of beard transplants, moving hair from your head to your face, which can set you back about $5000. I heard King Pin beard Co. sells a solution for $49. 


20. Pharaohs wore golden beards 

If Egyptian kings saw it as a necessity to wear a beard, then maybe you should, king. 

I guess it’s time to grow that beard! 

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