How to Boldly Rock a Fiery Red Beard

How to Boldly Rock a Fiery Red Beard


Do you naturally sport a red beard? Or are you looking to dye your facial hair an eye-catching shade of red? This guide will showcase stylish ways to rock a red beard with bold confidence.


Determining If You Have Red Facial Hair

Examine your beard closely in natural light. Look for reddish tones and hues. Having red hair on your head usually indicates a red beard as well. Ask others their opinion on your beard color too.


Deciding If a Red Beard Is Right for You

A red beard is a bold style statement. Consider these factors to decide if it’s a good fit:

  • Skin tone - does the red nicely contrast lighter skin? 
  • Existing hair color - does red complement your current tone? 
  • Personal style - does bold facial hair align with how you want to present yourself? 
  • Temporary dye - try it out first before permanent color. 


A red beard stands out and may not suit more understated personal styles.


Experimenting with Temporary Dye

Not sure if red works for you? Try temporary dye first to envision the look before fully committing. This allows you to have fun with different bold styles risk-free.


  Eye-Catching Red Beard Styles to Try


  • Goatee - a small, neatly trimmed red goatee.



  • Full Beard - red hair fully covering cheeks, jawline and chin.



  • Viking Beard - longer red beard paired with shaved head.



  • Mutton Chops - thick red sideburns extending to the corners of the mouth.



  • Chinstrap - a thin line of red beard hair along the jawline.



Make a statement with a vibrant red beard! This guide covered tips for determining if this bold color suits you and flattering styles to experiment with. Show off your red facial hair with confidence.

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