At Home Beard Fade

At Home Beard Fade

The faded beard trend has become a worldwide hit and I am certain it is here to stay. But achieving the faded beard look is not always the easiest or most convenient look to achieve if you don’t practically live at the barber shop. A much more convenient alternative to achieving the same look can be attained through the use of kingpinbeardco. beard filler kits.

Before we go in with applying the product we need to first trim the beard and line up both your cheek line and jawline. Once your jawline and cheek line have been trimmed and cleaned up you can get into the application; 


First you want to take the beard filler pen and lightly follow your beard outline along your cheek to create a naturally defined look. After creating the outline, blend the application downwards with the beard brush.  



Now move your beard filler pen down by around 1cm and you want to fill in lightly around 1-2cm from the top of your beard. For this step you want to fill in this region LIGHTLY again and simultaneously blending it out with your multipurpose brush. The focal region is shown below.  



To fill in the last region of your beard you should apply it more heavy handed as this will provide a thicker, fuller look and give the overall beard fade illusion. Remember to simultaneously blend the product as you go so you can judge how much product you need and what spots you’re missing!  


We hope you enjoy this little hack! If you like it make sure when you create a video or photo and tag us with the caption #transformationwithkingpinbeardco. and if our team reposts it we will send you a free package!

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