Beard without mustache styles

Beard without mustache: Best Beard styles to try in 2023!

beard without mustache styles

Best Beard Styles without mustaches

Most people may have known or first seen the moustacheless beard from Abraham Lincoln. Well a little fun fact for you is that the mustacheless beard actually stems from centuries ago.

In fact the mustacheless beard has always been popular within the middle east as it is believed that prophet Muhammed was seen with the mustacheless beard.

Within western society the mustacheless beard became popular once it was seen on Abraham Lincoln. Another fun fact Abraham Lincoln actually got the idea of his mustacheless beard from an 11 year old girl.

He received a letter from 11 year old girl Grace Bedell advising him to grow a mustacheless beard to help frame his face better so he could have a higher chance of winning the election! 

Here are some examples of celebrities rocking the mustacheless beard

  • Robert pattinson 
  • Hugh Jackman; most famously Wolverine

The different types of beard without mustache:

There are a wide variety of mustacheless beards ranging from stacheless goatees to mutton chops. Here are some of the mustacheless beards that are the most popular:

  • Chinstrap
  • Mutton chops
  • Chin curtain
  • Full beard without mustache


Chinstrap Beard without mustache
The chinstrap beard can be described as a beard style where no mustache is visible but two thin strips of facial hair framing the jawline.
Usually the chinstrap is no longer than 2cm. Usually the sideburns and the beards are connected. This style is usually most suitable for people with:
  • Rectangular face shapes
  • Oval face shapes
  • Oblong face shapes

The chinstrap suits the oval, rectangular and oblong face shape as the chinstrap frames the jawline nicely creating more definition to the jawline.The oval shape similar to the rectangular and the oblong face shape tend to have longer faces.
A long beard that brings more emphasis on the chin and the length of the face would not be wise. Yet, a chin strap would be able to give more definition to the jawline.


Mutton chops beard without mustache


Mutton chops as seen infamously by Wolverine and Elvis Presley, tends to have many different variations to the mutton chops:

  • Neat mutton chops
  • Bushy mutton chops
  • Wolverine mutton chops
  • Stubble mutton chops
  • Clean mutton chops
  • Strap mutton chops
  • Elvis Presley mutton chops sideburn
  • Strap mutton chops
  • John lennon mutton chops

Although there are multiple variations of mutton chops the main characteristics of mutton chops include having the sideburns grow out to the cheeks and everything else clean shaven. The mutton chops most suit

  • Round face shape
  • Oblong face shape
  • Oval face shape

It is most suited for those face shapes as those face shapes tend to have softer facial features. The nature of the mutton chops brings more angularity and definition to the face acting as a contour which is what the round, oblong and oval faces lack; angularity.


Chin curtain Beard style


The chin curtain beard also traditionally known as the Shenandoah beard  has very similar characteristics as the chin strap beard. The chin curtain beard doesn’t have a mustache and has two strips of facial hair along the jawlines.

Instead the chin curtain beard is much thicker in nature and comes higher up the cheeks. Similar to the chin strap beard the sideburns tend to connect with the beard. This beard is famously seen on Abraham Lincoln. This style tend to suit

  • Oval face shape
  • Heart face shape 
  • Diamond face shape
  • Square face shape.

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As the oval and heart face shape lacks jawline definition and have softer features, the beard will create more definition and emphasis to the jawline. The oval and heart face shapes tend to have softer features, so the higher cheek line can create more angularity to the face.

The diamond face shape and square face shape has more angularity to the face which will just bring more emphasis to the jawline and angular facial features.

Yet as both face shapes tend to have shorter chins so the longer facial hair nature of this style (compared to the chin strap) can help lengthen the face.



Full beards without mustache


The full beards without mustaches are typically and historically seen amongst Muslim men and Amish men. Full beards without mustaches have become more popular over the years amongst men who are looking for beard styles to frame their face without the consistent need to maintain their mustache. There are many different types of full beards. Some examples listed includes:

  • Stubble beards
  • Light stubble
  • Medium stubble 
  • Heavy stubble 
  • Long beard with no mustache such as:
  • Amish beard
  • Dutch beard 

The main characteristics of full beards include having hair on the cheeks, the sideburns without any natural or shaven gaps. The full beards tend to have a higher cheek line. There are different length variations to a full beard. The full beards tend to suit all different face shapes depending on the length. 

Stubble beards without mustache are most suitable for individuals with:

  • Square face shape 
  • Diamond face shape 

Stubbles are short in nature which doesn’t lengthen the face. It rather brings more emphasis to the jawline and the cheekbones

Long beards with no mustache tend to suit those with shorter chins: 

  • Round face shapes 
  • Heart face shapes 

A longer beard tends to bring more proportion to the face. It helps lengthen the face and create more proportion to the facial features.


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