The Product for Instant Results

The Product for Instant Results

King Pin Beard Co. Beard Filler is a revolutionary, first of it's kind and game changing product. It does what other products on the market don't and it does it instantly. Don't break the bank or spend months waiting for results with formula's and beard oils when you can get instant results anywhere and anytime with our beard filler. You can even take our filler on the go, it's compact and dries within one minute of application. It is easy to apply and suitable for daily use.

Our product eliminates patchiness, provides fullness and definition, and hides discoloured, grey and white hairs. Best of all it's natural looking, long lasting, water proof and sweat proof. 



Our tutorial is really a simple guide on how to use our product effectively.


  1. Take the beard filler then use it to outline and define your natural beard line. Blend this line into your beard with our blending brush. Brush your beard in a downward motion to blend the application out thoroughly. 
  2. Identify any patchy or problem areas and repeat the same process. Apply the filler directly to these areas and blend with the blending brush as you go. 


  1. Follow the shape of your moustache and gently fill in the moustache with our KingPin Beard Co. beard filler. 
  2. Blend in the application by gently brushing it downward. 





At King Pin Beard Co. we saw what the cosmetics industry has done for women and we wanted to create that same empowerment for men. Our product is designed to enhance one of your best facial assets, leaving you feeling confident, sleek and sexy while you do it.  

Don't keep repeating the same rigorous morning routines, applying step-by-step products that provide little to no results when you can simply apply our beard filler and reap all the benefits in one go. Because of it's natural looking properties and durability it's perfect to wear when; at work, in the gym, at events and during night's out. Once you're finished just simply remove it! 

Our user's have reported significant satisfaction with the way their facial hair looks after applying our product, they also reported increased compliments on the volume and colour of their beards. 

There is nothing like the gift of confidence, and that is our gift, from us to you. 

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