Best Beard styles for Older man


Are you an older guy looking for some facial hair styles that can evolve and grow with you and your personal style?

Are you also feeling intimidated and feeling as if having a beard is a young man’s game and you are getting too old to join in on the “hipster look”?

Well firstly don’t be stupid a cool funky beard that can shape your face and act as your personal accessory is never too old for anyone! Secondly, not meaning to toot my own horn but you have definitely come to the right place as we can definitely help you explore some potential beard options for you. Before we do that, let's talk about how a beard can potentially suit you.

Usually when we think of beards we tend to associate them with maturity, wisdom and masculinity which tend to be traits seen by older men. Men tend to have more defined facial features as they age and a beard just creates more of a rugged look that can easily be complemented with your facial features.

A nicely groomed beard does not only create more ruggedness and masculinity but also gives the impression of someone who is clean and cares about his appearance.

Furthermore, for the men who feel self conscious about their aging appearance, a beard is the perfect way to hide any fine lines and wrinkles you do not want to show other people. 

For whatever reason, if you're looking into growing a beard you have come to the right place and we will help guide you through some of the most popular beard styles amongst the older guys.

Popular beard styles amongst the older folks:

The "Grizzly Adams" 

This style is perfect for the man who prefers an outdoorsy vibe. The best way to describe this style is an untamed wild bushy style that suits a guy who prefers an untamed look 

adam beard style for older men


The "Colonel Sanders"

If you are someone who is a fan of a neater more classic look this is is the look for you.


The "Santa Claus" 

Ho ho ho! Hahaha If you want all the kids to mistaken you for Santa Claus. This is another classic style for the one who wants a more classic look.


The "Gandalf"

A long gray beard that kind of gives a wizard look or also a very wise old man look. 

The "ZZ Top" 

this is probably the edgiest look out of all the styles we have listed. If you are someone who is interested in that rock n’ roll look this is the most ideal look. It is edgy it young at heart and a very lively cool look.


These beards are some of the styles that have the most personality I’d say. So if you are looking into more of an edgier style those are some of the edgier styles for your personality.

Some other options for beard styles for older man:

  1. The short stubble:

    A stubble can differ in length. There’s the 5 day, 10 day stubble which are the most popular stubble lengths. It requires more grooming and maintenance. Honestly this style is suitable for men of all age and is the most popular amongst the ladies. 

  1. The classic full beard:

    Another beautiful graceful timeless look. The classic full beard also differs in length. This beard requires cheek hair growth and patience so if you are someone who lacks both this may not be a suitable choice. BUT we have a solution here

  1. The goatee:

    Another timeless style! Easy to grow, easy to maintain and doesn’t require a lot of patience. 

  1. The Van Dyke:

    Similar to a goatee where the chin hair and the mustache is the most prominent. You can choose to grow out your cheeks or keep it a goatee style. This style features a pointed chin beard paired with a mustache that is kept separate from the rest of the beard.

  1. The Garibaldi:

    This style is a full, rounded beard with a length of around 20 cm. It is a great option for men with a round face.

  1. The anchor beard:

    This style features a pointed beard that is anchored to the jawline, with a trimmed mustache completing the look.


Here are many different styles to explore! What you choose is completely dependent on your personality and personal vibe. Don’t be discouraged and feel as if growing a beard will make you look more mature. Really all it does is accentuate your facial features and act as the perfect accessory for your face. 

Go ahead and give these looks a shot and explore the style that suits you the most! Always remember your beards are an investment. If you do not know how to maintain your beard or style it go to a barber to get it styled properly. 



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