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We all know that the right beard style can completely transform a man! A beard is technically the male equivalent of a face lift. Especially for men with round faces, finding the right beard style can make the world’s difference to a man with a round face. The right beard can transform a round face to a chiseled defined look. Not all beards will have the same effect on everyone.

It takes some trial and error to find the right style that suits your face. Some styles help elongate the chin other styles may help you create a chiseled jawline. A lot of the time a beard style is highly dependent on the personal style as well.

Let's explore some styles that could be potentially your next beard style. Before we get into the exciting part let's first help you figure out whether you have a round face.



Here are some steps you can take to find out what your face shape looks like:

  1. Go in front of the mirror and pull your hair back, away from your face
  2. Grab a measuring tape to measure the width of your forehead, best to measure across your hairline
  3. Measure the distance between the highest point of your left cheekbone to the highest point of your right cheekbone
  4. Measure your width of your jawline
  5. Measure the length of your face. Measure from the center of your hairline to the highest point of your chin. 

After you have taken your measurements these are the characteristics you need to look for to help you determine whether you have a round face:

  • If all the measurements are similar
  • If your face is circular in nature 
  • Shorter chin
  • Your jawline is curved
  • Full cheeks 
  • Wide forehead


What the round face lacks mainly is face definition and length.


What a beard can do is create the illusion of more structure and definition. Depending on the beard it can help create more angularity to balance out the curveness and roundness of your face. The angularity and definition will help you look more masculine

  1. LENGTH:

The round face tends to lack length. The beard creates vertical lines and depth. Not only that if you grow a long beard it helps elongate your chin creating a more oval shape which is considered objectively more attractive


The beard adds length, volume and thickness which helps hide your double chin. It also creates a slimming effect.

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Remember the main focus on choosing a beard for your face is to create more balance and proportion, help elongate the face and also create more definition and angularity. 

Here are some beard styles you can explore 

  1. The Garibaldi 

    This is a full beard with a slightly pointed bottom. This type of beard requires quite a lot of maintenance with at least 6 inches length of hair for it to be maintained and consistently groomed. This beard is quite a full beard meaning that you will require quite some time for it to grow before you can begin shaping the beard and requires cheek hair growth. When growing this beard just remember to be patient and you may encounter the awkward stage where your beard will look pube-like and patchy. We have a solution right here: Here is an example of the Garibaldi

The Garibaldi beard is perfect for the round face as the pointed nature of the beard creates an illusion of a more angular chin. As the beard is around 6 inches long it brings more emphasis to the lower half of the face which is what the round face lacks. 

  1. The Circle Beard: 

The circle beard as the name suggests resembles the shape of a circle. It is basically a mustache that connects with the rounded goatee. 

The circle beard, despite popular belief, is actually a great alternative for people who have round faces as the shape of the beard can actually create an illusion of angularity and length to the face.

  1. The Short Boxed Beard:

The short boxed beard as the name suggests is a neatly trimmed beard that resembles the shape of a square. It’s short in nature but the length is versatile. It can be grown longer or shorter. You can also choose how high you want the cheek line to be. It’s a versatile style and very suitable for the guys who want to grow a beard but lack cheek hair growth.

The short boxed beard can help create more angularity to the jawline. The clean sharp edges and lines frame the face nicely creating more definition to the face. The square nature of the beard style also helps balance the roundness of the face.

  1. The Mutton Chops

This style is truly a classic and is probably not one of those styles that are popular anymore. Yet this style is a good option for the round faced fella. This style has thick long sideburns that CAN, keyword can extend down to the jawline and connect to a mustache. There are many different types of mutton chops with the Wolverine’s style being the most popular and known. Usually mutton chops are not seen with any chin hair

The long sideburns help elongate the face which is something the round face lacks. The mutton chops style also adds definition and structure to the face. This style is a very eye catching style which helps draw the attention away from the roundness of your face and rather leads the eyes to the sideburns instead.

  1. The Extended Goatee:

The extended goatee is really just the normal goatee with the chin hair grown out. Similar to the normal goatee, the chin hair and the mustache tend to connect. The extended goatee is a quite interesting and versatile style as the chin hair can be grown and shaped into different shapes. You can also choose whether you want to grow some hair on your cheeks as well if you want! It is a great style for those who struggle with cheek hair.

The extended goatee having longer chin hair can help elongate the face creating more proportion to the round face.

  1. The Ducktail: 

The ducktail beard is a full beard that is shaped to have a pointy chin. It is honestly a sexy style, a good twist to the classic beard as it brings more edginess and personality to the beard. This is a long beard so expect it to take quite a long time to grow. Also if you are someone that lacks cheek hair growth but want to grow this beard checkout out product (insert link)

As the ducktail beard is a long beard, usually the cheek hair is shorter than the chin hair. Usually the cheek hair edges are clean cut which helps create more angular edges to the jawline. The long nature of the beard helps elongate the face and create more proportion to the round face. The pointiness of the beard also creates more structure and definition to the chin. 

  1. The Stubble:

    This is a low-maintenance beard style that involves growing out a short, stubbly beard. It can add texture and definition to a round face and create the illusion of a more angular jawline.

The stubble beard is the most popular beard throughout the decades. It’s very easy to maintain, easy to grow and easy to style. Also a very versatile beard where you can choose the length, how high the cheek line is, etc. It is a very clean look for all the men who prefer the clean well groomed look. 

The stubble beard has clean edges which creates a more angular jawline. The stubble beard can also create more texture and depth to the face. The cheek line can also create more angularity and definition to the face.

Here are some ideas for you. Let us know what other styles could suit a round face!

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