Best Patchy Beard Styles 2023 + How to fix patchy beard?

Best Patchy Beard Styles 2023 + How to fix patchy beard?

best patchy beard styles


Beards and facial hair have always been any man’s pride and joy. Back in ancient times, men with beards were seen as more sage and a wiser man, someone the youths can look up to. In modern times, beards are seen as a man’s equivalent of a “face lift”. Beards and facial hairs have been seen to completely transform a man’s look. The beauty of beards is that you can style it, trim it however you want to suit you personal style and aesthetics. How the beard is styled and trimmed can significantly change your face shape, personality and overall vibe. 

Yet unfortunately not everyone is blessed with growing a full beard. There are many men who struggle with growing a beard or tend to grow a patchy beard. The process of growing a thick luscious beard can be a discouraging or debilitating  process. Which is why we are giving you the ultimate guide on how to style your patchy beard. 


What can you do with your patchy beard?

patchy beard styles

When in the process of growing a thick luscious beard there is a chance of going through a stage of patchiness. Don’t let the process discourage you from continuing your journey of growing your dream beard. We will give you a guide and some examples on the type of beard you can grow in the meantime! 


A quick tip: To grow a successful beard make sure to use the appropriate and high quality skincare. Make sure to use beard conditioners, beard oil, beard balms, moisturisers and shampoo. Also make sure to establish a healthy routine including washing your face and beard consistently. By creating a healthy skincare and beard care routine it can help with facial hair growth. 

The different types of Patchy Beard Styles:



Beard stache patchy beard style

If you’re struggling with growing a thick beard or you find obvious cheek patches when growing your beard we recommend a beardstache. A beardstache is a beard style where the mustache is longer than the beard. Usually the beard is maintained at a light/ medium stubble whilst growing out a thicker mustache. 

The beardstache is most suitable for men with the following face shapes:

  • Oval 

  • Round

  • Rectangular

  • Square

  • Long

  • Triangular

  • Pear-shaped

  • Diamond-shaped 


The beardstache is suitable for the face shapes as it creates a light contour to the face. By having a short/medium length stubble it can create more definition to the jawline and create contour to your face. The cheek line can bring more emphasis to the cheek bone. 


To maintain/ grow this beardstache style it is recommended to begin with growing out your beard and moustache simultaneously. Once your beard grows to a certain length you can begin to maintain the beard at the length you were interested in by using your trimmer. Once the moustache is grown out all you need to do is to grab a pair of scissors and begin trimming and styling your moustache to a style you feel suits your aesthetics. 



stubble style for patchy beard

There are many different types of stubbles. Stubbles are categorised based on the different lengths. There are:

  • Light stubble
  • Medium stubble
  • Heavy stubble 
  • Scruffy stubble
  • beard stache 
  • Faded stubble beard


The stubble beard is a great alternative for individuals who are in the process of growing a thick beard as it can lift up some pressure of growing a thick beard whilst also having a fashionable timeless beard style. 

The stubble beard of any length is most suitable for:

  • Square shaped

  • Diamond shaped

  • Oblong shaped


With that said not that the stubble beard doesn’t suit the round or heart-shaped face but people with those face shapes are best suited for longer stubble beards.

The stubble beard is best suited for the face shapes as it creates more emphasis on the jawline. Similarly the cheek line can create more emphasis on the cheekbones. A longer/ thicker beard length is more suitable for round and heartshaped face men as it creates a stronger contour to the face shape creating more angularity to the face.


To maintain this it's best to use a blade to create a clean sleek cheek line. Then go in with your beard trimmer, razor/ blade to clean up the jawline. Then finally use your beard trimmer/ shaver (adjust the setting according to the length of your beard) and begin trimming your beard. 


VAN DYKE BEARD - Patchy beard style


The Van Dyke is part of the goatee beard group. Tha Van Dyke Beard (AKA the anchor beard) is seen with a thick moustache and soul patch. This draws more emphasis to the thicker soul patch and moustache and less on the patchiness of the sides. Usually the Van Dyke doesn’t have any sides but if you choose to grow the sides out that's fine as well!


The Van Dyke Beard is most suitable for people with:

  • Round shaped 
  • Oval shaped 
  • Square shaped


As the Van Dyke Beard elongates the chin it perfectly compliments men who may need to add some length to their chin. It is preferable for men who have diamond, heart or triangle shaped faces to not have the Van Dyke beard as it may further elongate their chin. 



GOATEE BEARD patchy beard style

The goatee beard is what I would say a great in-between a full beard and a moustache. The goatee beard has been quite a controversial beard style over the years with many people in the “full beard” community debating that the goatee beard should not be considered a beard. A goatee beard can only be considered a goatee beard if the moustache connects with the chin beard. The goatee beard has many different styles with some examples including:

  • The circle beard
  • Van dyke goatee
  • Scruffy goat
  • Chin puff


A goatee beard is a good style for people who want facial hair but may be struggling with growing a full thick beard.

A goatee beard is most suitable for people with:

  • Square shaped
  • Triangle shaped 
  • Diamond shaped 
  • Rectangle shaped

The goatee beard has a softer more rounded shape which complements the angularity of the square, triangle, diamond and rectangle shape. The roundness of the beard won’t exaggerate the angularity and won’t add extra contour to the face. It creates more balance to the face. The overall fullness of the beard also makes a good contrast with the larger appearance of square-shaped faces. 


How to groom and style to cover your patchy beard?

No worries we got you! Our KingPin Beard Co beard filler kits can help you conceal and cover any patchiness you would like to cover. Check out Beard corrector 


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