How to Achieve the Majestic Garibaldi Beard Style

The Legendary Garibaldi Beard Style


The Garibaldi beard is a classic, majestic facial hair look that we reference often - and for good reason! This full, rounded beard style has a timeless appeal and tons of personality. But where did this iconic look originate?


The Origins of the Garibaldi Beard

As you may have guessed, the Garibaldi beard is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, a 19th-century Italian revolutionary leader. Garibaldi sported a signature full, wide beard connected to a long mustache. This rugged yet refined style became hugely popular in Italy during the 1860s.

The rounded, flowing silhouette remains one of the most sought-after beard shapes today. Let's explore the different ways to wear a Garibaldi beard:


Garibaldi Beard Styles to Try


Natural Garibaldi: The authentic style where you let your facial hair grow out fully, with no trimming or shaping.



Trimmed Garibaldi: A more groomed look that requires occasional trimming and shaping for neatness.



Short Garibaldi: Similar shape as a natural Garibaldi but kept trimmed short, just to the chin.



Styled Garibaldi: Using products like beard wax to create a personalised, defined Garibaldi style.




How to Grow a Garibaldi Beard

1. Grow out all facial hair for 4-6 weeks without shaving. Expect a scruffy phase at first!

2. Shape and trim the beard into a rounded silhouette, enlisting a barber's help if desired.

3. Trim the mustache slightly long to connect with the beard.

4. Frequently comb and brush the beard hair to detangle and enhance shine.

5. Maintain the length with monthly trims for a neat finish.

6. Cleanse thoroughly twice daily and condition. Show off your marvelous Garibaldis! This legendary beard style will always be in vogue.

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