Master the Faded Beard Style Instantly with KingPin Products

Master the Faded Beard Style Instantly with KingPin Products

The faded beard style has become a hot trend worldwide. But constantly visiting your barber to maintain this look is time-consuming and expensive. KingPinBeardCo.'s beard filler kits provide a convenient hack to fake the faded beard style easily at home.

Start by trimming and defining your cheek line and jawline for a clean canvas. Then follow these simple steps:

Trace your Outline: Lightly trace along your cheek line with the beard filler pen to define your beard's outline. Blend downwards with the brush.

Fill the Top Region: Move the filler pen down about 1 cm from the top of your beard. Lightly fill in about 1-2 cm width. Blend with the brush.

Apply Heavier Near the Bottom: Heavily fill in the lower beard region to mimic the fade effect. Constantly blend for evenness.

The multipurpose beard filler kits make it easy to achieve the popular faded beard look yourself. The products create natural-looking dimension and gradation.

Take your new faded style for a test drive and tag KingPinBeardCo on social media! Share your transformation for a chance to get featured and win free products.

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