The medium beard length can be usually described as the “transition phase” or “the in-between stage of a stubble beard and a long beard. Precisely, the medium beard style tends to be 3-8 inches of length. The medium beard style has gained popularity over the past decade alongside the emergence of the lumbersexual style.

The lumbersexual’s urban dictionary definition is a male hipster who attempts to look “rugged” and “outdoorsy” usually seen dressed in plaid shirts and dons a full beard. Eversince the rise of the lumbersexual, the medium beard has gained popularity in mass media. 



Medium beard styles are also popular not only because of the rise of the lumbersexual trend but also because it is such a versatile beard look that suits all face shapes. When it comes to growing a medium beard style it is considered one of the most maintainable beards. With that said, it is also important to consistently trim, shave your beard line, jawline, apply oil, brush it consistently. Here are some of the different types of medium beard styles you can consider growing



If you are looking into growing a full classic beard but looking for something more defined and with less volume, the boxed beard is honestly the way to go! The medium boxed beard tend to have:

  • a low and sloping cheek line
  • a high neckline; usually just right below the jawline 
  • Usually the chin is around 1.5-2 inches of length

Most people would choose a medium boxed beard because:

  1. It is neater: a reason why a lot of people are hesitant to grow a long full beard is because it can look messy. When you grow a medium beard boxed beard the neatly trimmed cheek line and boxed beard create a neater look than the classic full beard
  2. The medium boxed beard creates a nice contour to your face. The sloping beard line and the nicely trimmed neckline creates a more defined jawline and also create emphasis to the cheekbones. 
  3. Suitable for people who can grow nice long beards but struggle with growing hair on the cheeks:  majority of people who are trying to grow a beard tend to struggle with growing a beard on the cheeks and tend to find themselves have a patchy beard. This style doesn’t require a lot of growth on the cheeks. The low sloping cheek line means that you do not need to worry about any growth above this cheek line. 

Now that we have convinced you that a medium boxed beard is a good beard style to grow you are probably wondering whether you can and should grow one too! These are the face shapes that we have found are the most suitable for medium boxed beards:

  • Round face shapes: as the round face shape tend to lack cheekbones angularity and chin, the medium boxed beard helps elongate the face whilst also creating a more defined jawline and bringing more contour to the face
  • Heart face shape: similar to the round face shape, the heart face shape lacks length and structure to the face. The medium boxed beard can help elongate the face whilst creating more contour. 



A square beard tends to have characteristics of a beard with equal face length, cheekbones, forehead and jawline, creating a square-ish look. The jawline tends to be angular and sharp which is what differentiates a square beard to a round beard. It tends to have 

  • Definitive perpendicular edge at each corner of the jaw and sideburns 
  • squaring a sharp line from the ear down the jawline and finishing at the chin
  • Tends to have a high cheekline which connects the cheekline to the sideburns
  • Creates a more masculine jawline 

Most people choose to grow a medium square beard because

  1. Creates angularity to the face:people who tend to have rounder faces can really benefit from a medium square beard shape as it would create more angularity and 
  2. Helps widen the face: people who may have narrower faces can benefit from the medium square beard as it can help widen the face. The square look and perpendicular edges can create a wider look to the face

We have found that the medium square beard suits and benefits the most for people with

  • Round face shapes
  • Heart face shapes

The round and heart face shape both lack angularity and length to the face. The medium square beard can create more contour to the cheekbones. The square shape can help create more angularity to the face shape creating a more defined jawline. The higher cheekline can help carve out more defined cheekbones. The longer nature of the beard can help elongate the chin creating more length to the face.

  • Oval face shapes 
  • Triangle face shapes

Oval and triangle face shapes have one thing in common which is that they both tend to be narrower in nature. The square face shape can help give these face shapes some more width to create more proportion to the face. 

Similar to the round and heart face shapes, the oval face shape lacks angularity and has a rounder jawline. The medium square beard will help bring more definition to the jawline.



The most popular pointed beards are the 

  • Ducktail
  • French fork 

Many people tend to mistaken the pointed beard with the full beard. The main difference between a pointed beard and a full beard is that the pointed beard has a much longer chin. The pointed beard tends to be groomed in two sections whereas the full beard is groomed as a whole. That is because the pointed beard tend to need the chin area to be groomed separately as that area needs to be longer than the rest of the beard. The main features of a pointed beard are:

  • Pointy shaped; the hair on the chin tend to be grown out and trimmed to look kind of like a V-shape
  • Very neat and well trimmed
  • The hair on the cheeks tend to be quite short 
  • High neckline usually right below the jawline 
  • Sharp beard 

People tend to choose the pointed beards 

  1. It looks sophisticated: unlike the full beard, the pointed beard tend to look neater and more presentable. Many people feel disheartened to grow a full beard as it may come across as disheveled or rugged which many men do not want to appear as. A pointed beard tend to be a more neutral alternative to a full beard
  2. Helps elongate the face and make the face look slimmer: men with wider face shapes and shorter chins may be more interested in a beard style that can create a longer chin and narrower face. Unlike the boxed beard, the pointed beard can create a narrower illusion rather than a wider illusion.

The face shapes who may benefit the most from a pointed beard include: 

  • Diamond face shape: the diamond face shape already has quite angular features. The pointed beard will compliment the angularity of the diamond face shape
  • Round face shape: the round face shape lacks chin length so the round face shape can benefit from more length added to the face to create more proportion to the face
  • Triangle face shape: the triangle face shape tends to have a wider forehead narrowing down to a narrow jawline. By growing a ducktail beard, this creates more proportion to the face. 



Finally we have gotten to the classic full beard style. The classic full beard style tends to be characterised by:

  • A well groomed and neat cheek line 
  • Hair continues to grow naturally from the cheek line
  • A full beard tends to have the sideburns connected to the moustache 

To grow the classic full beard look is a challenging process where a lot of men tend to give up. Some men who struggle to grow hair on their cheeks may struggle to grow a full classic beard. To be able to grow a beautiful graceful full classic beard requires genetics and also consistent maintenance. Or some may find it difficult to maintain the classic style which may end up looking messy and disheveled. People tend to grow classic beards because:

  1. It’s the ultimate sign of masculinity: being able to grow a beautiful classic beard is a sign of masculinity. It is believed that amongst the general population, men with full classic beards statistically are more attractive. 
  2. It's a badge of honor: what else can we say? It is the hardest beard style to achieve as it takes a long time to grow and requires a lot of patience and maintenance. In return once you have dealt with the awkward stage when you go out it's a badge of honor, a sense of achievement!
  3. The classic full beard actually shapes the face really nicely
  4. It is a versatile style meaning you can choose to trim the beard shorter, grow the beard longer, have a higher or lower cheek line, it is completely up to you

The classic full beard style depending on how you groom and shape the beard suits everyone. For the sake of this blog we will be determining what face shape suits the medium classic beard style. The medium classic full beard style suits the:

  • The square face: the square face shape tends to be very angular and chiseled. An individual with a square face shape could benefit from a classic full beard as it creates softness to the face
  • The heart shaped face: the heart shaped face lack weight in the jaw yet has a wide forehead so a nice full beard can bring more proportion to the face making the bottom half of the face more proportionate to the top half of the face
  • The round face shape lacks angularity and definition in the face. If you have a round face you could use a full beard to sculpt the face to create more contour and angularity. 
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