Saturday Night GRWM ft. KingPinBeardCo.

Saturday Night GRWM ft. KingPinBeardCo.

Learn how to truly prepare yourself for a wild or just a chilled classy Saturday night,  and how KingPinBeardCo. beard filler kits can help. This get ready with me is narrated by one of our customers Massimo. 

Before I get started I choose the perfect playlist to get into the right vibe to get me  ready for the night. I run a fresh shower and make sure to give my beard a good wash to get prepared for a fresh application. Next I style my hair by drying it and applying product. Most customers don’t know that you can even use KingPinBeardCo. filler for small hairline touch ups which I sometimes do. My best friend uses it to touch up his fade line everytime we go out. 

I haven't had much time to go to the barber lately so I had some stray hair above my beard line. To fix this I started filling in my beard line to create a stronger beard line to take away anyattenton from single stray hairs. I then went on to use my multipurpose brush to blend in my application. I continued to find any patches I had in my beard then used KingPin BeardCo. beard filler pen to fill in those patches. 

Even though I have full and thick brows I like being able to use the KingPinBeardCo. multipurpose brush to style my brows exactly how I want. I spray my brush with hairspray and brush them upwards and out. The hair spray ensures that my brows stay in position for the night. 

I finish getting ready with a back shirt and jeans to match, complemented by white sneakers, a gold watch and Moncler Pour Homme cologne. I feel confident that I can step outside with everything feeling on point, from my hair, to my beard, my outfit and my scent. 


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