Dream Beard Morning Routine

Dream Beard Morning Routine

In this fast paced society convenience is key. An idea which was at the forefront of our beard filler innovation. KingPinBeardCo. is delivering the ultimate facial hair convenience experince. We were dedicated to creating a product that can be easily implemented into your morning routine without taking up crucial time. 


This product is special formulated and focused on targeting the flaws in men's facial hair. Our market research found the most common issues are; 

  • Patchiness 
  • Grey hair and Discolouration
  • Beard thickness 
  • Keeping it well groomed and defined


The design of our product enables in a dynamic all in one solution to all of these problems. 

Our beard has a three point applicator to create real hair-like strokes to fill in patchy and scarce facial hair areas. Not only does this eliminate patchiness, it restores colour to the facial hair, provides a fuller appearance and creates definition. This application can also be applied to moustaches and other facial hair styles.

Another very common issue many men have is greying facial hair and discolouration. Many men have found that discolouration of their facial hair is a reoccurring problem. Greying hair is a natural process most men experience which is a process that is very hard to avoid. Lots of men choose to dye it or colour it but doing so has proven to be either expensive or damaging to your beard. Which is why we have created a product that isn’t damaging. The beard filler pen has very rich pigments which when applied directly to the beard can cover the discolouration and greying without the harsh chemicals found in other products. 


With the in's and out's of daily life grooming your beard can be hard to keep up with and it's not every day you can take a visit to the barber to have it groomed and lined up. With our beard filler kit you can take your barbershop experience home. By defining your beard line and using our multipurpose brush to blend it out you can create a suave, sleek and healthy looking beard. This beard filler can create the perfect beard line.


When it comes to beard growth products there is no guarantee for results, which is not too pleasing for such expensive products. With kingpinbeardco. you get an all in one pen and brush set as well as instant results. 

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