The Hair/ Beard Corrector Combo Pack

The Hair/ Beard Corrector Combo Pack

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Our unrivalled beard corrector BUT TIMES 2!!!! Dedicated to solve all your facial hair AND hair problems and is formulated to last. The only thing noticeable about it are the results. 

  • Eliminates patches

  • Provides fullness

  • Defines and sharpens beard and jaw outline

  • Camouflages discoloured hair

  • Water-proof, Sweat-proof, Long-lasting 

  • Improves Confidence 

  • Transforms the appearance of facial hair

Product Description

The at home premium barber treatment you have always wanted has arrived. It's multipurpose usage where it works on both your HAIR and BEARD Our specially formulated beard corrector is designed with a tri-point applicator for optimum precision in creating fine hair-like strokes that subtly fill in any noticeable patches, outline and defines the upper beard line and lower jaw line and camouflages discoloured or ageing hairs. The product provides an instant beard transformation in minutes, showcasing a fuller, healthier, accomplished beard. Our durable formula is proven to be water-proof, sweat-proof and long-lasting, from day to night, from the boardroom to the gym and everything in-between.